Magic Shows

Do You Know Who I Am?

  • I am not  David Copperfield!  I am Darrell Imaginarian, master of airigami, with his sleeves full of silly tricks to split kid’s sides, plus amazing sleights of hands to make them doubt their senses.  I offer a fast paced keiki oriented magic show incorporating balloon twisting, stand up comedy, clown mysticism, silly fu, kid participation, and terrific prizes for my lucky volunteers.
  • I offer a quick 15 minute magic show focused on sleight of hand tricks, an expanded 30 minute stage show, or  a full service 45 minute show with keiki games and additional prizes.  You can conveniently book a magic show with balloon twisting in a party package, or book separately.  The 15 minute magic show is not available as a standalone purchase.  A standalone 30 minute show is $140, and 45 minute show is $200.
  • The magic show is composed of a series of bits each of which take a few minutes, which vary depending on the length of the show, the age of the kids, the number of kids, my the layout of the venue, and my reading of the mood.  The 15 minute show will have 4 or 5 bits, the 30 minute show will likely have 7 or 8 with a somewhat longer finale.
  • Acts may include: Balloon Summoning, Balloon Telekenesis, World’s Fastest Balloon Animal, Straw Through Balloon, One Handed Twisting, Balloon Transmutation,  Blindfold Master, Snake Charmer, and Superhero Makeover.  Who knows what comes next!
  • Want even more fun?  End the show with balloon games for kids like Archery Contest or Limbo! with great prizes for the lucky winners! Available in the 45 minute show or request special package.