Decor and Delivery Services

Need decorations for your party?

Happy to help! Here are a few things to know. I am a decotwister and do not provide columns or arches. I do not work with helium or mylar (foil) balloons. I make detailed centerpieces of themed animal and characters and candy cups and photo frames, and other decorations upon request. Decor additions can be added onto balloon twisting or a party package, but reserve early as special balloons may need to be ordered and my schedule could fill up. 50 percent deposit required on decor orders.

Centerpiece Sculptures

Freestanding twisted sculptures balanced with a waterweight, on average standing 2 or 3 feet tall and containing 20 to 25 individual balloons. Imaginarian Balloons' most popular party package comes with one included for your greeting table. Others can be placed strategically through the venue, and themed sets could be twisted: such as Elsa, Anna, Olaf, an assortment of Marvel superheroes, all 4 Ninja Turtles, or whatever else you can imagine. Prices range from $20-$35 each depending on complexity and volume discount.

Candy Cups

A fun innovation sweeping the ballooning world, candy cups are plastic bubble tea cups filled with candy or toys and topped with flowers, animals, or children's favorite characters. The candy cups can be used as affordable centerpieces for large dinners, and given as prizes at the end of the night. For small parties they can be given as door prizes or as a way to dispense with the need to have a balloon twister on site, if the number of children attending is known. Prices range from $7-13 each depending on complexity, whether filled with prizes or empty, and bulk volume discounts.

Balloon Photo Frame

Every party has a photo booth but take yours to the next level with a custom themed balloon photo frame hand twisted by Imaginarian Balloons. The balloons are supported by a sturdy PVC frame so it can last for days, but children should be discouraged from roughhousing around it. Basic 3 foot by 4 foot design (enough for half a dozen people to pose ) starting at $100 added onto an existing party. Petite, circular, and organic frames also available.

Gifts and deliveries

Looking for a thoughtful, artistic, handcrafted affordable gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Administrative Professional's Day, because your girlfriend is angry at you, or any other occasion? Order a balloon bouquet, basket, vase, giant Hello Kitty, or whatever else you know will knock their socks off. Pickup in town or delivery available. I do it all; Weekday pickups and deliveries are usually simple, but weekend deliveries must be organized around party commitments. Deposit required, no refunds. Delivery fees not included. All balloons guaranteed to pop.

Floral Bouquets and Vases

Show you care with a twist! A variety of twisted versions of real or fantasy flowers in bouquets, baskets, or vases, with prices ranging from $15-50.

Creatures and Characters

Surprise a birthday child or a sweetheart with their favorite characters or animals balloon creation. These can be adapted from the centerpiece designs above. Prices range from $15-40.

Bag of Balloons

Rather than bringing the balloon twister to your party, just bring the balloons. I offer a prebagged selection of balloons from basic to more advance with a set fee for each balloon. Either ask for a selection of (for example) 20 simple balloons and get an assortment of 6 or 8 different types: such as swords, dogs, cats, turtles, penguins, Spiderman, monkeys, and heart wands. Or pick exactly what you want from photographs:(for ex: 12 heart wands and 8 Spidermen) Pick up in Honolulu or arrange for delivery. Ideal for small parties, parties with many children but limited time on the event schedule, or for affordability. $30 minimum.