Balloon Twisting

I had the great pleasure of having Darrell the Imaginarian at my three-year-old daughter’s birthday party, and he was absolutely FANTASTIC! Darrell was wonderful with the kids, and they – and the parents! – really had such a great time watching him make incredible and amazing balloon creations! It is not an understatement for me to say that Darrell was the hit of the party. SO AMAZING!! We can’t wait to have him back!

Wanda Ramirez

Bring the smiles with line twisting from Imaginarian Balloons. My standard menu includes over 50 different balloon creations!

To every gig, I bring 36 different colors of 160s, 260s, 360s, 321s, 646s, hearts, geo-blossoms, rounds, quicklinks, prints, and Bear Heads. That's over 5000 balloons!

Balloon Twisting is a lot more than swords and poodles these days. Let me amaze you with fanciful latex creations to amaze young and old alike. Contact me ahead of time if you have a special request.

It's not just a toy, it's a show! Curious young minds love watching art being made: and as a expressive, colorful sculptural medium it adds atmosphere to the whole party. Don't be surprised if they want to try it themselves!

Line Work

All kids love balloons, and nobody is going to want to be left out. Line work is my basic balloon twisting service, twisting balloons for a set period of time for the guests at a party. Here is what to expect when you book Imaginarian Balloons for your next party.

  • My rates are $130 for the first hour, and $90 for every additional hour, which is all inclusive with no materials or travel charges.  Time minimums apply to events a long way from Honolulu.
  • Guests select balloons from menus I provide or from premade samples. I can twist balloons for about 12-25 children per hour, depending on the  complexity of the menus I am offering.  I am happy to take requests within the time limitations and to be fair as possible to all the guests.  It’s better not to make a jetpack for one lucky boy (although it’s awesome)but have to tell a number of others they can only have a sword.
  • My simplest designs are made from 2 to 3 balloons and take a couple minutes, with the time getting choices and colors from the kids, while the higher end designs I make at parties use 5 to 8 balloons each and take 5 minutes or more.  For most designs I draw features and faces with markers and paint pens.   My simplest and very commonly made broadsword design has two colors and 14 twisted sections.  If serving a high volume of children is your most essential needs, other balloon twisters would be a better fit.
  • I am a stationary twister, I do not do roaming.  For every event I bring around 5000 balloons, markers, pumps, balloon sticks, etc which require some space.  Also at most events a line will form as soon as I make the first balloon.  I can use your table but I also bring a 4′ by 2′ folding table for my own use.  I stand throughout the event and do not need a chair. Note that outdoor events can be challenging as grass (particularly) and sun and wind will pop a lot of balloons, and so many children get back in line. Twisting indoors is always better, and I offer simpler balloons at those events.
  • For every event I need an area for a table and room for guests to wait for their balloons.  For outdoor events I need a shelter from rain and sun, as both will cause gradual damage to uninflated balloons, and also I begin to wilt.
  • For most parties guests wait in line and watch the twisting.  At large parties this wait can be 30-45 minutes, and I try not unnecesarily waste the guests time.  My general rule is one balloon per person in line, whether adult of child, but one person can’t request multiple balloons for absent individuals.  When there are already more than a dozen people waiting in line, it annoys more people than it pleases.  I also prioritize making balloons for kids at the event rather than children/grandchildren/nephews at home.  If there is a short line I prefer to be accomodating as possible and relax these rules.   At busy events I usually enforce them.  A parent waiting with their child can get two balloons, so I feel it’s not unduly burdonsome while allowing guests to get an accurate idea of how long they have to wait.
  •   I also offer a lineless system for some events: a convenient way to skip the waiting and also make it easier to watch the twisting as entertainment.  Instead of queauing in line, I give numbered raffle style tickets to anybody wanting their balloon, then call their number when their turn is up.  In the meantime guests can eat, mingle, and play until they are called up to watch their balloon being made.  This is a great convenience for intimate parties where all the guests are in one area and for public events where there are many more children than the time available can serve so a fixed number of tickets can be given out.  It does not work for large, loud events in a big banquet hall like a first birthday, as the guests have to remain within earshot, and they don’t, so most people miss their number being called.
  • I always do my best to complete the setup of all my gear before my party begins and both begin and end my twisting within a minute or two of the times on my invoice.  As I do multiple parties in a day sometimes I cannot have any delays in leaving the event, and event planners rely on me to fit into their busy schedules.    If time permits I am happy to extend a half hour or an hour at my usual rate to serve all the guests.  I am not available to make “just one more balloon” after my time is up, unfortunately, because that  could be repeated indefinitely.   Therefore I have to CLOSE MY LINE.
  • At a certain point, the number of people waiting in line will be roughly equal to the time it takes to make that many balloons.  I may ask for a headcount of exactly how many people want balloons, and then I  will cut the line.  At busy events this could be half an hour or more before the end of my scheduled time.  I prefer not turn people away (which is also why I recommend booking at least 1 hour for every 25 children) but I make every effort  to make sure people do not wait a long time in line and then not get a balloon .  I usually have premade samples and If I do not need them for another event I will hand them out to the last people in line.  With proper planning it’s rarely a problem.  
  • A retainer (a nonrefundable deposit) is required to reserve a date/time.  The balance is due at the beginning of the event.  Cash, check, and charge accepted.