I love stuff.  Especially balloon stuff.  I get new  designs sometimes when I run out of stuff, and I have to think of an alternative. And sometimes I make new designs when I get new balloons and these increase my potential.  I’ve been making mermaids for years; it’s one of my most popular balloons;  and I’ve been in a rut making the same four balloon mermaid.  Then I was working a market and I was almost out of my regular 260 red balloons, and used a thinner 160 instead.  I found I could make the proportions and the flow of the hair much nicer that way.  Then when I wasn’t too busy I also started using a green 160 for the tail so I could add fins properly.  Today I scaled up… using mostly the smaller 160s but one blush 350 for her torso.  And the result is a pretty darn nice mermaid