Back to court today.  For my new fans, back in November I was arrested and jailed in a police sting.  No, not that kind of sting.  I was accused of illegal unicorn peddling.  It’s a long story of the war between street performers and police in Waikiki… the short version is that since they have badges and guns they’ve kind of got the upper hand.  Anyway, after five court appearances, I was ready for trial again, but the undercovers didn’t show up for the third time, and my case was dismissed.  But, dismissed without prejudice, so if they feel like it they can file charges again and we can do this all over again.  This experience has certainly cured me of any illusion that courtrooms are dramatic.  The arc of injustice moves very, very, very slowly.  Much like a glacier.  Or a particularly slimy snail. But I got my bail money back!  Fifty big ones!